Friday, September 27, 2013

Washington Post Article Features FBIAA Report

The article by Post reporter Sari Horowitz details the situation Comey has discovered since starting his tenure at the FBI - "New intelligence investigations were not being opened. Criminal cases were being closed. Informants couldn't be paid. And there was not enough funding for agents to put gas in their cars."

The article features the report put together by FBIAA and released today.

In "Voices from the Field," the article says, "agents from across the country warn that budget cuts and possible furloughs are hurting public safety and threaten their ability to protect Americans."

Read the full article on the Washington Post site here.

FBIAA Releases "Voices from the Field Report"

FBIAA today released a new report that provides FBI Agents’ first-hand accounts of the impact of budget cuts on daily operations and investigations.

The accounts, contained in Voices from the Field, include how budget cuts are affecting FBI Agents’ daily operations and hampering criminal and national security investigations, and the risks associated with any additional budget cuts and furloughs.

Some of the most compelling accounts show how budget cuts are undermining counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence investigations, forcing the closure of white collar investigations, harming cooperation with local law enforcement, and, in some cases, losing informants.  Further, the report shows that even Agents’ basic transportation needs are being compromised through prohibition against using official FBI vehicles because there is no funding for gas.

Here's what FIBAA President Rey Tariche had to say about the report

"As FBI Agents, our commitment to our work is unwavering.  We will continue to make the personal and professional sacrifices to do our jobs and protect this country.  However, we are releasing Voices from the Field to ensure that Congress, the Administration, and the public are aware that the resources available to support the work of FBI Agents have been stretched to the breaking point.”

Read the full report on the FBIAA site -