Wednesday, December 11, 2013

NPR Blog Post Features FBIAA on Bipartisan Budget Deal

Carrie Johnson, a Justice reporter for NPR, took to the outlet's The Two-Way blog to write about FBIAA's opinion on the recently unveiled bipartisan budget deal.

Johnson notes that FBI agents have thus far "been among the most vocal opponents of the spending cuts triggered by sequestration, warning about everything from having to abandon surveillance work to a lack of gas money."

But, she writes, in an effort to prevent further cuts next year, FBIAA "is throwing its clout behind" the Ryan-Murray budget deal.

And with good reason.

She writes, "The sequestration fallout for the bureau has been significant — no new hires, empty parking lots at the training center in Quantico, Va., and damaged relationships with local and international police."

Read Johnson's full post which includes quotes from FBIAA President Rey Tariche showing support for the deal while also expressing concern about provisions requiring Agents and others to pay more into their pension plans.

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