Monday, December 9, 2013

POLITICO Reports: "Year 2 of sequestration: Gloom looming"

One of the most read Washington, DC-based news sources, POLITICO, published an article on Sunday about sequestration.  We were especially pleased to see this coverage because the article places us and our concerns squarely in the center of the budget and sequestration controversy.  With a budget deal expected to be announced and voted on by the House in next few days, this is an important article.

Look for the mention of FBIAA on page 2 -

"'The good news is they are talking. They told us they are talking. And the decorum has gotten I think better,' said Reynaldo Tariche, president of the FBI Agents Association. His group met last week with aides to Ryan and Murray to describe what could happen at the FBI if the lawmakers can’t strike a deal: Ten to 15 days of furloughs, empty classrooms at the bureau’s Quantico, Va., training center and diminished capacity to respond to threats from terrorists and home-grown criminals."

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